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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 15, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> thanks for watching today. stewed you b starts right now. >> shepard: thanks for anchoring. it was kind of you. >> it's my job. >> shepard: there's that. have a great afternoon. the news begins anew on "studio b." hundreds of people now reported dead. thousands more injured, after a night of antigovernment protests in a brutal crackdown that followed. and now president obama is weighing in. we'll have the details, and dana perino will be in to talk about it. a fright canning new report on the safety of the nation's nucleares plant, vulnerable to terror attacks,. the feds investigate aing after miss teen u.s.a. claims a hacker broke into her commuter and then used her web cam to spy
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on her. to take pick pictures of her in her own bedroom. creepy. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, our historic cooperation with egypt cannot continue as usual. not while blood spills in the streets. that is the word from president obama today. >> while we do not believe that force is the way to resolve political differences, after the military's intervention there remaines a chance for reconciliation and an opportunity to pursue a democratic path. instead, we have seen a more dangerous path taken. >> shepard: the president speaking from martha's vineyard where the family is on vacation, and the deposed president morsi called for new protestses and those same supporters torched
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not one gut two government buildings just across the river from cairo. ofwards, national security officials in egypt gave police the okay to use deadly force to protect themselves and those buildings. health officials reporting as many 5s 25 people died, nearly 4,000 others hurt, after the military made good on its threat to clear out protest camps in cairo and the muslim brotherhood demonstrators fought back. yesterday was the deadlyiest diin egypt during the arab spring that tommed. hosni mubarak. now president obama just cancelled the scheduled joinmilt previously served as a haulmark of u.s. relationses with our mideast ally. the president got criticism from both sides of the conflict. >> he did, shepard.
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he told the egyptians they have to solve their own problems. muss lick brotherhood members credited the u.s. for not cutting off ties for the egypt egyptian military, and the supporters of the coup says we have not can depend the attacks. died president obama -- >> we have been blamed by supporters of morsi. we have been blamed by the other side as if we are supporters of morsi. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. we want egypt to succeed. we want a peaceful, democratic, prosperous egypt. that is our interest. but to achieve that, the egyptians have to do the work.
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>> president said it won't be easy can there will be ups and downs and in some countries it has taken as long as a generation. >> shepard: she greatest leverage is the 1-plus billion dollars a year we give the egyptian military in aid and the president made no mention of cutting that off. >> his aides are still defending the decision not to declare the military takeover a coup, to the mr. obama suggested the military is blowing its chance to put the country on path to a democratic government. some critics say he is overstepping his authorities. republican senator rand paul says the law is very clear when a coup takes place, foreign aid must stop but at the pentagon officials defended mr. obama's decision. >> we believe the right decision at this time. you saw the secretary's statement a while ago about our desire to maintain defense cooperation with the egyptian
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military. we're watching to see what happens next. >> the report warned the u.s. is still considering restrictions on u.s. aid. shep? >> shepard: with us now the former white house press secretary under president george w. bush and the current co-host of "the five." dana perino. it's obvious this is a coup and if call it a coup, you can't continue to aid. this is a miss. >> presidents usually havele trouble not having easy situations. they're between a rock and a hard place. some people say they put themselves in that position but history will have plenty of time to criticize president obama's foreign policy. right now, the crisis is at hand, and i think that president obama's remarks were the right ones today. the measured. but they have some decisions to make pretty soon about this aid. they haven't made the decision
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or determination on whether or not it's a coup. senator rapid paul says it clearly is in some ways i think that everybody needs to cool their jets and let the administration, the head of northern policy establishment, move forward. >> shepard: i understand why they're avoiding it entirely. i have a webster's dictionary and our news department is calling it a coup because that's what it is. if the white house doesn't, that's another matter. what is more difficult, the secretary of state spoke yesterday, and doing what he can, and then didn't answer questions but sent things over to jan stockey, but she is not the lead spokesperson over there. >> she is a state department spokesperson and has a very tough job to do because you have to walk this fine line. i would say that actually the national security adviser, susan rice, the u.n. ambassador, got in hot water over benghazi but is now the national security advicer and has been in the job over six weeks. it's time that america got a chance to at least listen to what advice she is giving to
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president obama which,ed as i said, looks like good advice but she would be in the position to answer questions specifically about the coup. i think having the spokesperson do it is too much. >> that's a -- >> sometimes you have to ask the principle to be able to go forward. you can maintain for a while on your own as a spokesperson, but if you are not the subject matter expert, you need somebody in authority to do that. >> shepard: some polls suggest that 37% of americans surveyed get it that egypt is a big deal to us, and the other 63% are wrong. can't think of a more important al lime the relationship with egypt and the peace treaty. without a stable, cooperating egypt, we're in trouble. >> it is very difficult for any administration, but in particular one that prefers to focus on other things and tries to focus on domestic issues, as it should when it comes to the
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economy. but it's hard for americans to understand whyshire ya and -- why syria and egypt are in america's . it's only when a flareup happens in a place like egypt that these questions come forward. i can understand why people say, why would be give them any money? people here at home need our hope. the problem is it's a domino effect. if egypt becomes a failed state you could see other failed states. i think that egypt will continue get money. it won't necessarily be from us. and then what is our leverage? we will have none. but then we would have stood on principle, so, i don't know what they're going to decide. they're going to have to decide pretty quickly on the money. >> shepard: gotten 10 bill in saudi arabia. >> kuwait, they can provide them plenty of resources. we have to decide whether we want to be in the mix.
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i argue we should be. >> shepard: dana, nice to see you. look for you in an hour and 52 minutes. >> nice math. >> shepard: my only skill. fox news confirmed the fbi is investigating a troubling cyberattack on the newly crowned miss teen u.s.a. she is set. cassidy wolfe. she says a stalker hacked into her computer, used her web cam to take pictures of her while she was in their bedroom. she was miss teen california before she won the miss teen u.s.a. pageants and she says the cyberattack happened three months ago and she didn't know somebody was taking pictures of her and the light on her web cam never turned on. julie banderas, you have been in contact with the fbi. >> the los angeles fbi identified more than a dozen victims in cassidy wolfe's case and agents identified the alleged source of the activity but because of the ongoing nature of the case they cannot comment. according the investigation,
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wolfe received anonymous e-mails from someone claiming to be in nude -- in possession of nude photos. the beauty queen talked about how the hacker broke into her bedroom web cam and offered advice to teens. chang your passwords paunch be caution on the internet. >> you have to be so care what you do online but a you never know what people can we doing to you online. social media is a huge thing now days so it's very important to -- >> wolfe says the suspect tried to extort her to ensure the photos were not made public. >> shepard: using something like the password, passwordword. and cases like this are nothing now and offenders can face serious jail time. >> what happened to wolf is actually just the latest in a string of so-called sex-torton, and computers on hardware to gain compromising information of
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images of users. one man was sentenced to ten years in prison after hacking into e-mails and taking naked images of celebrities. once cheney got the photos of the celebs they were forwarded to other hackersers and put on e enter. in turn off your web cam. >> shepard: put a piece of tape over the thing. they lost their limbs but some wounded warriors say military hospitals have been giving them hard way to go, forcing them to limp or wheel themselves a half mile to get something to eat, and now walter reed is responding. we'll get to that as "studio b" rolls on. i am alejandro morales, i was seven months old and my family moved straight to chicago. america is the only country i have ever known. senior year of high school, i was promoted to
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>> shepard: heroes who got their legs blown off while serving the nation said they had to walk, limp, or wheels themselves a
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half mile to get something to eat. and hours after fox news reported the story, the pentagon changed course. it was happening at walter reed medical hospital in maryland. the military stopped accepting military meal tickets at the only cafe serving the most wounded warriors. that meant that patients, many recovering from devastating amputations, had to mange -- make. thes to a food trailer. soldiers and the families called at it slap in the face and the pentagon heard them. what were the warriors and families first told about the new rule? >> last week in a meeting, warriors who with in the unit, and 160 other families who stay in outpatient housing for up to two years, amputees who endure up to 50 surgeries applies, told us about changes that would
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force them to forego the convenience of the warrior cafe where some eat meals three hours of the day. cafe hours would be shortened and closed on the weekend and their meal tickets would no longer be accepted. >> from building 62, i would say it's close to half a mile from building 62 to the nex, which is right across the road, is a half mile. so it's round there, and for guys that don't have legs, that are new on their prosthetics or in a wheelchair, that's a long distance to go. >> it breaks my heart to know. now i get -- back in vietnam when all the guys were coming -- men and women were coming home, how they sort of feel like. and i didn't think that it would come to this. >> carol lee ryan, the mother of a triple amputee who was blinded in one eye in afghanistan.
12:17 pm
he is raising his toddler and has been doing so single-handedly in walter reed alone, and this was going to be a very big inconvenience to him and his toddler. >> shepard: now the pentagon changed its mind. how that happened? >> well, about an hour and a half ago, we got an e-mail from a wife of a double. amputee, she is going to give birth on monday. she wrote: josh just received the news that the warrior cafes will be open on the weekends and meal cards have been reinstated. fox news inquired about the story on monday. the assistant secretary for health matters reversed the decision: not all families have been notified. >> shepard: jennifer, nice to see you. thank you. security at some of the nation's nuclear site is to bad that
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terrorists could use them for attacks. that's the word in a pentagon-ordered study just coming out and we'll have the details after this.
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>> dozen of the nation's nuclear power plants are at risk of a terror attack. that's fee the endings of a just released report that the pentagon ordered. the study indicates nuclear reactors all over the country are vulnerable. things like intentional meltdowns, which could be catastrophic. the report claims the lack of security could allow terrorists to steal bomb-grade uranium, and the authors write the danger is far from the hypothetical since the 9/11 high jackers considered
12:22 pm
flying a jet into a nuclear reactor. doug, what's the response from the nuclear industry here? >> well, really interesting. shep. the interest questions a lot of these findings. in fact, after 9/11, the nuclear industry paid a lot of money to assess the then-security feature0s the facilities and took measures to bolster the security. this handup tape shows typical security features, nuke plants surrounded bay ring that is heavily patrolled and an inner security ring is topped with razor wire and also patrolled, and a third layer of protection surrounds vital equipment used to shut down reactors. the containment itself has protection. >> the plant has multiple layers of steel and concrete. this system is typical of sophisticated nuclear plant engineering design and
12:23 pm
operation. >> the industry has assimilate a head-on impact of a boeing 767 striking a containment vessel and showed no weakness. >> all sites are not the same. >> that's right and that's the point over the study. there is tremendous various at how facilities are protected. >> we have been vulnerable to credible terrorist threats of theft of bomb-grade material, and sabotage that could cause a massive meltdown and release of radiation. >> the report calls for uniformity of security at all nuclear facilities, whether power plants, places where nuclear weapons are stored or fissile material is stored and the u.s. government lacks the information that would justify varying security as presently
12:24 pm
exists. >> shepard: doug, thank you. michael jackson's ex-wife testified she did not see any signs he had been shopping for doctors during the nearly two decades she was close to him. debbie rowe taking the stand again today in the huge legal battle between the singer's mother and his former concert promoter. much of the trial has focused on michael jackson's alleged drug use. remember, the pop star died in 2009 of an overdose of the powerful sedative propofol which doors use for medical procedures. debbie rowe cried, testified that michael jackson was teared of -- terrified of pain and his doctors competed over who could give him the most powerful drugs. debbie rowe sad that one of michael michael jackson's physicians arranged for two doctors to give him propofol in 1997 after the singer explained he couldn't sleep during the tour. so debbie testified that michael
12:25 pm
jackson was always in main. >> and when she was describing -- she broke down and cried on the stand today, saying the pain stemmed from michael jackson getting his scalp burnin' 1984 during the filming of the pepsi commercial where the light exploded and his hair caught fire and because of his skin-lightening disease. she said, when it came to the pain it was more begging for relief than anything. he respected doctors so he wouldn't question what they were doing. she went on to add that michael jackson ailments were legitimate and he was not just looking to get these pain killers. >> shepard: this is michael jackson's family versus his concert promoter, aeg, and debbie yo reportedly did not want to testify for aeg but seemed to support its claims. >> remember, debbie rowe was once previously quoted assaying she thinks aeg was responsible for michael jackson's death and
12:26 pm
aeg's whole purpose of putting her on the stand was to show that michael jackson was hook on pain killers and propofol long before dr. conrad murray ever entered the picture. rowe seemed to confirm that. and doctor murray is at the middle of the case. aeg says murray was hollywood by michael jackson and michael jackson's own behavioral is responsible for his death. a billion bucks could be on the line in this case. >> shepard: continuing coverage of our -- our top story. president obama says we must change the relationship with egypt as hundreds of people die in the latest wave of violence there. here in the u.s., government investigations into virtual money. you heard of byte coins, folks
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "studio b." the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. we just gotten word from the egyptian health ministry
12:31 pm
spokesman the death toll has climbed again, now officially 638 people killed in yesterday's violence, and thousands more hurt. [chanting] >> shepard: the anger is beyond control. that's the word from a muslim brotherhood spokesman, one day after egypt's military followed through on the threat to clear another two protest camps, with deadly results. video from across cairo showed both sides opening fire, at the police and supporters of the deposed president mohammed morsi. today president obama cancelled plans for a joint military exercise with egypt, and the state department is now warning that u.s. aid, totaling well more than a billion dollars a year, could be on the line. what do we know of the situation in cairo right now? >> the muslim brotherhood remains incredibly defiant. they took to the streets again,
12:32 pm
bushing one government building in a cairo suburb. thousands more marching in a alex andrea, and in downtown, sit-ins atm -- sit-ins took place and people began to bury their dead. now the muss lick brotherhood is saying, we will defend islam and is showing the split in egypt. something that could turn into some kind of religious war between the muslim brotherhood on one side and then the army on the other side, which has said that they will not allow anymore protests, anymore sit-ins. those could come tomorrow afternoon. >> shepard: if those are the sides, what is the thinking on how the army may handle the muslim brotherhood going forward? >> that's may be a clue. they said today the interior
12:33 pm
ministry announced that, quote, deadly force had been authorized. anyone trying to attack a police station, the armors government facilities, would be shot and called, and pull ought a page from the '80s and '9s so when there was an emergency law that allowed the army to arrest him in from the muslim brotherhood or deemed a threat to state security and can be held forever incommune cad dough. and there's word the authorities are rounding up the lead officers the muslim brotherhood and hoping to turn around the flame on the pot that appears to be boiling over. >> too much of a good thing in wall street, dow is tanking. off 226 with less than a half hour to go. dropped on word that new jobless claims fell to the lowest level in six years. claims were down by 15,000 to a total of 320,000. it's good news. but it didn't help the market
12:34 pm
because it was followed by something investors did not like at all. economists say the drop makes its more likely the fed will cut back on the stimulus program, and that means the fed would start pumping less money into the financial system. break down the numbers. >> let's look at the four-week average. that takes out the volatility. you find they're down 4,000 and that's about the level of november 2007. what is going on here, slow but steady improvement in the jobless claims. impact on the markets today were pretty big, steep drops since the beginning of the market, when the market opened, but we're still not at the lows of the sessions. >> shepard: we're down a percent and a half on the session. got be more to it than that. >> i think so, too. here are companies reporting. wal-mart saying they're go to drag down their expectations for 2013 in terms of top line and bottom line, cisco going to fire
12:35 pm
4,000 people. that's big deal for that company. >> shepard: the feds are starting to crack on so-called virtual currency, electronic money. they exist online only. unlike traditional currency, they don't have the backing of any country's central bank but folks use them to buy coats and cars and illegal drugs and guns, and because the b bit coins have in central server, it's impossible to track them or the things they buy. bitcoins were created in 2009 and have taken off. there are now more than 11 and a half bit coins in circulation and nearly 22 million bitcoin transactions today. originally you could exchange 1300bitcoins for a dollar. now one bit-coin is worth -- a
12:36 pm
senate committee opened an investigation and new new york'p financial regulator investigating the companies involved in the bitcoin. one company is run by the twins, tyler and cameron, they sued mark zuckerberg of facebook. i know a lot of our veers -- viewers have used by thecoins but a lot of people have and governments like to be involved. >> cryptow currency and you can generate your own bitcoins on your desk top as you gondolier software. it mimes the bitcoins in blocks, like 50 at a time but that takes a long time. or you can simply go to, like
12:37 pm
these md docs and put in your money, and get bitcoins like in bulk. so, in a way, you can convert your real money to this virtual money, and the thing people probably need remember -- it kept thinking, what backs it? it's just virtual money. well, what backs real money? just a belief it has some value, and what is happening quickly with bitcoins, people are beginning to believe it has value. now we have a bar that's going accept bitcoins. that's the benchmark. once you can buy alcohol with money, it's real. you can buy cars. but i think the question is, sort of now that banks, now that regulators are taking a good, hard look at this, what really happened? and it's kind -- i know you said the big numbers, but there's so many average people, people who aren't into technology, have no
12:38 pm
idea what this is, and this critical moment where the regulators take a look, it could kill this thing. you have seen the value of bitcoins from years ago pennies for a bit-coin to $112 for one bitcoin, but it's all over the map. >> what are regulators doing here? >> you think the irs is go -- is going to stand by while we invent our own currency? >> shepard: it's been going on for four years. >> now it's starting -- if can boy a drink it's real. there's no wafered regulators will stan for this. >> shepard: how do they stop it in. >> make it illegal. >> the value goes up, it sort of happens within the network, but a sentiment on bitcoin starts to go down you're going to watch the value crumble, and i think that's what people are afraid of. so the government isn't in there
12:39 pm
are. >> shepard: if i own a thousand bitcoins i think worth $113,000 by then, the government shuts it down, what are they worth? a lot of people can get their bitcoins out. >> shepard: you can sell them at the market price today but at any moment it could tumble. >> i think that's kind of exciting for people. the feel like it's not the government, not in the banks, not the economists, it's the collectives, the engine that does it. the more people in it. >> shepard: there's more to it than we are saying. a limited numb of bitcoins have been created and execute -- security is tight. look it up. i figure thousands of people just changed the channel but if you don't know anything bit it, look it up. thousands possible thousands of people are using to it to by things online and buy drug run criminal organizations.
12:40 pm
>> that's part of the problem. it's not just the irs. it's the fbi and every other law enforcement agency in the country. >> being able to put real money into the system, buying a bunch of -- basically laundering your money, and then buys real things and selling them, and then pulling out the money where it's clean and there's no -- but i will say that the systems allowing you to transfer the money, real money to bitcoin money, are requiring valid i.d. and they realize this is coming. >> shepard: it is coming because if there's money involved, the irs will be. nice to see you both. bitcoins, available to you inside google. infomercial star who made tones millions of dollars peddling self-help books is now looking at prison time after failing to pay nearly $40 million in penalties for misleading ads. we'll show you that. plus scientists say they
12:41 pm
discovered a totally new species. hey! we got a bran new animal. never have seen it in the history of the world. kind of like a raccoon but they didn't find it in a rain forest. this is quite a story. a brand new animal for you to love or hate. that's coming up. ask me what it's like
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>> shepard: a new animal. in the national zoo overlooked a brand new speaks of mammal which has left at the zoo in d.c. for bat year and they didn't realize it. zoo officials say they didn't know it was anything new. unfortunately it's not a unicorn. here's the animal. kind of a cross between a raccoon and a teddy bear, it says here. a zoo curator says it comes from a family of raccoons in latin america. >> today, we're adding another member to the family. this animal we are calling the
12:45 pm
olgido. >> several zoos tried to get the thing to breed and now says she wasn't fussy. in fact she wasn't the right species. joining us now, dr. row rowland okays on the team of scientists that made the discovery. >> i'm happy to voice the only -- >> shepard: tell us about this animal and how did they not know? >> the whole group of lingos is not a well-known group and this animal is different in that it's smaller, the smallest member of the rack could -- racn family. redder hair and even cuter. >> shepard: there's not just one of anything. we know this. >> so what we found is that they're living sort of hidden in the treetops of the cloud forest
12:46 pm
in colombia and ecuador in the misty trees and only come out at night. unless you go another at night and look up and the trees and you get a clear night, you're not going to fine them. >> shepard: some of them walk in the day now but that's another matter. it's a bit rare. the last time we found a new meat-eating mammal species has been decades. >> in hemisphere it has been 25 years. >> shepard: isn't it possible that we could learn a lot in -- not that there's a missing link but by having his species we can learn more about ourselves and our environment? >> there's a lot left to learn, and one cool thing about this is the concept that the canopies, the tree canopies, are like a frontier, like the deep ocean or outer space, it's hard to climb into the trees.
12:47 pm
>> shepard: a lot of nail -- animal lovers. go to web site. a lot to learn. >> thanks for giving me a chance to share this with your viewers. >> shepard: i like the oluguito. >> chinese zoo, a scan uncovered when the lions started barking. the workers had been replacing exotic specieses. this was put off as a lon. seriously, china? might have gotten away for it, too were it not for the yapping. the zoo tried to pass off a white fox as a leopard and a common dog as wolf. zookeepers say it's a misunderstanding that is not
12:48 pm
satisfying some folks who bought tickets to see the barking lion. >> there's word today that the stunt man who played james bond in olympics open ceremony has today. police say it happened when he took part in a very dangerous sport. sport. details just ahead. she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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>> a british stuntman who parachuted into the olympic games in 2012 in london, and he has enough died during a wing suit jump in the swiss alps. they say mark sutton died when he crashed into a rocky ridge. you can see him here wearing a
12:52 pm
winged suit. he drew cheers during the olympic0s opening jeremy -- jeremy -- ceremony and suton had been part of a gathering of divers jumping from helicopters. the so-called infomer shall king may lose a huge portion of his fortune for misleading advertisement. he is kevin trudeau. if you have not seen him on tv, may he seen his books, including natural cures they dope want you to know about -- they don't want you to know about, and debt cures they don't want you to know about. bet feds went after him for claims he made in promoting a different book. the weight loss cure they don't want you to know about. >> i lost 45-pounds in 45 days. if you're watching and need to lose weight, would you like to
12:53 pm
lose one pound of fat a day, up to ten pounds in the first 4 hours? >> the federal trade commission claims trudeau seriously misled customers when he said that the diet was easy, when in fact it requires you to injection -- inject yourself with a prescription drug that is not approved by the fda and requires you make changes to your diet for the rest of your life. back in 2010, a judge forced trudeau to pay up, though he did not. instead he moved to switzerland, and last month the court held trudeau in contempt. now the same judge has given a consulting firm the power to start seizing his stuff. trudeau's attorney says his client wants to cooperate but does not have $37.6 million to give away. with us now, heather hanson. you can't make claims of one thing and then not be true. >> he is just -- he has no shame
12:54 pm
in 2010 he was ored to pay this $37 million. since then he has spent $12 million on cigars, trips to zurich, furniture for his mansions and hasn't paid a single dime. this receiver should be able to track some of these assets and make him pay. >> shepard: cooperate some of them be with him? >> he married a 22-year-old a couple years ago. >> shepard: happens to be from? >> ukraine and put a one of money in companies in her names show. defense is saying these her companies and the judge said no way. they can have access to her jewels, furs, apartments, all the places she has been hiding money, instead of putting an attorney as the receiver, they put a cpa as a receiver because they're better at tracking assets and finding lost items. >> shepard: can you seize
12:55 pm
anything he has taken with him? >> they can triumph it's -- they can try. the fcc is arguing he should be put in jail. they're saying he is not going to give up the information. everytime he is asked about this on the stand, he pleads the fifth. so he hasn't given up any information to help them and the judge is saying if he is in jail he won't have access but he may end up in jail,. >> shepard: what about people who may have been misled by something? some of our viewers. are they entitled to something? >> that 37 million is supposed to pay back the consumers that spent me money on the weight-loss book. he was told he what not supposed to show the book online and he did. so he has no respect for the prison. he already served two years for larceny and credit card fraud and has already been in jail, health in contempt three times. he just doesn't care. >> shepard: something they don't want you to know about. >> that's right. >> shepard: after a night of
12:56 pm
drinking, some folks should just go home. that's a lesson one guy in louisiana is learning the hard way after he wound up playing cowboy in the parking lot. serious trouble now.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> shepard: this is it before we wrap things up. this guy in louisiana is in trouble with the law after a little stunt he pulled after a night out drinking. according to the police he hopped on a horse and rode the thing into the bar. the bartender got the horse and him out of there somehow. this is louisiana. so he reportedly tried to ride back in. this time without so much success. witnesses say the guy then rode around the parking lot, lassoed a customer and dragged the guy around like a john wayne character. fortunately the victim escaped with only some road rash. the suspect is facing charges of battery, intimidation, disturbing the peace, and being a tiger fan.
1:00 pm
yeehaw! he has a better day than the dow still. the dow is off 225 at the moment. headed for the worst one-day session in eight weeks. cavuto starting now. >> neil: i think this is what they call bad optics. this is -- thought it would be a good idea to dress everybody up in hawaiian shirts. only problem was it didn't quite match the optics of the moment, which is a huge -- huge selloff. the markets are still up but the worries are up appreciably and began with overnight rumors that the federal reserve is sort of rethinking this whole tapering thing, and they might withdraw it sooner than you think, and look at what is going on with some very big


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